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About Us

You mix a sprinkle of entrepreneurship with a dash of luck to develop a new concept in gourmet confections:

My Cup of Cake™

Sharon Tracy was co-founder of her own successful entertainment marketing company for 15 years.

Some of her Fortune 100 clients included, Philips, Nestle, Kraft General Foods, Pepperidge Farm, etc. along with major film studios, 

Prior to that position, Sharon was a marketing executive for an entertainment marketing agency, EMCI, for 5 years where she conceived, managed and executed national marketing and promotional programs with high profile client e.g.,Pepsi, Reebok, Lipton, etc.

Early in Sharon’s career, she was classically trained in all disciplines of marketing/promotions at Warner-Lambert Company (now Pfizer) where she was a product manager after graduating from University of Miami with an MBA in marketing

However, Sharon's first love was baking – and she created a world class kitchen in her home to create culinary delights for friends and family. Sharon combined her love of baking with her entrepreneurial spirit and conceived and launched unique products that everyone seems to love. 

A primary goal for My Cup of Cake was finding a way to give back to the community. That was soon accomplished when the company partnered with Madison Cortland ARC - men and women with disabilities to pack, fulfill and ship our products.  As soon as you walk into the fulfillment center, you can feel the love. We are greeted by hugs and their smiles melt our hearts.

Look inside our packages and see a photo of one of our team members from ARC. This is a way to increace their confidence and we all gain the reward.

Each and every purchase of My Cup of Cake enables these men and women to use their skills to live more full and independent lives. As we grow, so does the work center. That provides meaning behind every product we produce. 

My goal is to introduce all-natural, great-tasting gourmet products into the marketplace that are simple yet easy to make.   

Sweet wishes,