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Baking Instructions

Bake in the Microwave

  1. Fill paper cup (included) with water to the brim
  2. Pour into ceramic cup
  3. Open small packet in silver foil (canola oil) and pour into cup
  4. Add large packet (soufflé mix) into cup
  5. Stir until all the flour mixture is well incorporated
  6. Place in microwave on paper towel (in case of overflow) for 2 minutes and 40 seconds
  7. SET YOUR MICROWAVE TO THE LOWEST SETTING as high heat can bake the soufflé too quickly.  If you have a stronger microwave, over 700 watts - use a very low power or adjust the cooking time slightly, e.g. 2 minutes 20 sec. 


It is so much fun to watch it rise in the microwave!

It is normal for the cake to rise over the top of the rim

Use oven mitts to remove cup from microwave (cup is hot)

Bake in the Oven (another option)

You can also bake the soufflé to get a more soufflé appearance. 
Place the cup directly on the oven rack or cookie sheet and bake in 350 degrees pre-heated oven for 30 minutes 
Garnish with your favorite topping, fruit, ice cream, powdered sugar, or whipped cream
Enjoy while warm, right out of the cup and maybe share or maybe not

Helpful Hints: Be sure to soak your cup in soapy hot water to loosen and remove cake before cleaning or putting in the dishwasher. Cup is 100% dishwasher safe

We recommend using the original My Cup of Cake™ 16 oz. cup for optimal baking and cooking.


Microwave cooking temperatures vary tremendously and the average microwave is 700 Watts.
However, look inside your microwave for the wattage and follow the chart below for optimal results.
My Cup of Cake cannot be baked in a commercial grade microwave (1200 +) as the intense high heat effects the results.

Microwave wattage Approximate Cooking Time (Minutes) 

You have the cup, now all you need is more chocolate soufflés.  

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My Cup of Cake™ contains all-natural ingredients.  If stored in a cool, dry place (not refrigerated) will remain fresh for 2 years.