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Sweet Stories

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

Gift Messages

Enjoy these loving words of expression from our customers:

who says I cannot bake for my love?

you will always be my souffle

Happy Chocolaty Birthday


I wanted to share the sweetness you bring me every day!

More love for you

Do not open until after you lose your first 10 pounds:-)

For my one and only Valentine who loves chocolate as much as I do!

Your Too Sweet

Happy Valentine's Day from a Lifelong Admirer

We know you love chocolate.

Enjoy a chocolate treat to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Always & Forever

Enjoy a chocolate treat to celebrate!

Be by valentine

I Love You Babe!! For us to enjoy together!!


From One Chocolate Lover To Another

A treat to share b/c we love you!

Love, from our house to yours

Happy Valentine's Day from a Lifelong Admirer

Happy Valentine Day! I thought this would be fun. Love Mom

Sorry I missed your bday!

Everyday is better with you in my life! Forever yours

Can't wait to share dessert with my sweetheart!

You never know....

We are so lucky to have you Nana!!! Happy Valentine's Day


To A Special Friend. What a Blessing Your Are In My Life

Happiest birthday to you! Love ya, xoxo

Hope you are recovering well Shannon!

For my one and only Valentine who loves chocolate as much as I do!

A perfect day for a soufflé! Happy B- Day

Happy Heart Day Sweet Pea! Love you xoxo Mom (Dad too)

Being married to you Bill is a sweet treat! your Angel

Wishing you a happy chocolate soufflé birthday.

To the man of my dreams, my caretaker & my husband, "Al"

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

just because you're you !

Meeting you 10 years ago was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! Love you

Merry Christmas to two sweeties!

Congratulations on your wedding! Best Wishes

For a little guilty pleasure. Love, Mom

I know, I cheated. But Merry Christmas!!

For the quiet after the storm.

Happy Birthday & Valentine's Day...I saw this on the View and it looked delicious. Remember it is feeds 2 people.

Happy Valentines Day - enjoy a chocolate treat to celebrate! Love, MOM

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! You are my cup of cake. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Maggie!

Something for your diet! Love M & D

Just a little something for you two. Love M&D

Sorry I missed your bday!

To My Love, Here is to a sweet year together. Love you with all my heart

To My Little Love ~ Forever We Will Share ~ Yours Always


Happy Mother's Day! We Love you bunches

You're as sweet as chocolate soufflé. I want to eat you up! Love, Moma

Happy Birthday! Stick a candle in this and pretend im singing to you :) I Love You~

Will You Be My Valentine? I love you so very much. You are my cup of chocolate.

Happy Anniversary Honey

This should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Love you!

A sweet treat for a sweet for a dolce daughter!

I love you baby, and you are sweet as chocolate!

Cheers to my friend! With love from Amy

My two favorite things - Belgian chocolate and YOU! Love you
Merry Christmas!

Happy Valentine's Day! Please enjoy a nice twist on chocolates...after a nice candle lit dinner. Love you both!

Joe, I Love You like chocolate! Kathy

Happy Valentine's Day Tricia! Not your ordinary V-day chocolate

I love you more than chocolate
Let's Do THIS..Can't Wait! Love you .....

Hope you all enjoy the chocolate soufflé

Maddy, You're as sweet as chocolate souffle. I wanna eat you up!

I tried to bring the cruise to you :) I love you so much! Happy Birthday Mom!

Merry Christmas. Have a sweet day.

This is a warm hug 'o chocolate .... with no expectation....kind of.

I love you baby, and you are sweet as chocolate!

This should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Love you!

for our chocolate lover, thought you might enjoy this.

Enough for 4! happy valentines day to justin keira will and karen!

Every day of our 43 1/2 years together, you have been and continue to be the Valentine of my life.

Happy Valentines Day to our chocoholics from Mannyafa

Happy Birthday Hon!

Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful wife to be!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Cheeks. I LOVE YOU

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love Always

Hoping this makes your Valentine's Day this year as sweet as you are! We love you!

Happy Vals from Mr. Cupid

Because of your help and support, the wedding was perfect. I can never thank you enough.

This reminded me of "Serendipity" so I thought it would be fun for Valentine's Day!

To my SON, I am so proud of you. LOVE MOM


Happy Valentine's Day to my "Lambchop"

Grab a blanket, this mug, and ENJOY!

a little something for the Queen

Happy Happy 60th Birthday, Mom

Have a chocolate fit!

Share with your Mom and Dad if leftovers

Thank you for welcoming us into your home.

Happy Hearts!! Enjoy your chocolate fix!!

Happy Valentines Day, We love u, Nana & Papa

Congratulations Remember to share!

A sweet treat for two sweet people. With love...

Happy Birthday, Linda!

To the Cutest Little Chef

Something sweet for my sweetie!

So - we ARE old!! Happy Birthday, Love

happy valentine day my darlings, love mommy

Chocolate the comfort of life

For my sweet fiance. i love you more than chocolate :)

Good Luck on finals!

I wanted to be able to give you a cake so here is a small one, Happy Birthday :)

You are AMAZING!

You Deserve the Best of EVERYTHING!

I can never thank you enough.

To get thru exams

Enjoy. . . even you can cook up this oh so chocolate treat

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations!! You can't smoke or drink, but you sure can have chocolate!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

This chocolate soufflé will make ANY day brighter! Use when needed!

Happy 35th!!!!! Enjoy.

Happy 70th Birthday! Love

Wish I was there to celebrate with you! Your wonderful sister

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